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Letters to the Hill and Comment on Regulatory Issues

As the voice for the demolition industry on Capitol Hill, NDA regularly submits letters and comments on industry related issues. Sending letters to Congress and other government agencies allows NDA to publically advocate the views and interests of our members. Below you may find an archive of those documents. If you have questions, please contact Alex McIntyre at

20240613 - NDA Letter to Senate HELP Committee Workforce Development Hearing
20240612 - NDA Coalition Letter Overtime Rule Judicial Review
20240531 - NDA Comment Period Extension Request_OSHA Emergency Response NPRM
20240405 - NDA Letter to Congress A Stronger Workforce Act
20240223 - NDA Letter to House Leaders_Workforce Development Legislation
20240216 - NDA Letter of Support to Senate on Bipartisan Tax Legislation
20240131 - NDA Letter to Congress in Support of H.R. 7024 Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act
20231222 - NDA Joins Coalition Comments on OSHA Heat Injury and Illness Prevention SBREFA Panel
20231201 - NDA Letter to Congress to Overturn Joint Employer Rule
20231127 - NDA Comments House Hearing on DOL Overtime Rule
20231107 - NDA Comments on DOL Overtime NPRM
20231006 - NDA Workforce Development Letter to President Biden
20230928 - NDA Comments EPA Brownfields Reauthorization
20230921 - NDA Coalition Comments to OSHA Walkaround Extension Request
20230918 - NDA Comments to OSHA PPE in Construction NPRM
20230913 - NDA DOL Overtime NPRM_Comment Period Extension Request
20230731 - NDA Coalition Letter to OSHA Request for Feedback on the Use of Leading Indicators
20230720 - NDA Comments to Congress on Workforce Development
20230713 - NDA Letter to Congress on FY24 Appropriations
20230526 - NDA Coalition Letter to DOL on Anticipated Overtime Regulations
20230511 - NDA Senate Letter Training America's Workforce Act
20230420 - NDA Comments on Federal Trade Commission Non-Compete Clause Rule
20230331 - NDA Signs Coalition Letter to FTC on Impersonation Fraud
20230330 - NDA Coalition Letter on Death Tax Repeal to Senate
20230328 - NDA Comments Committee on Education Hearing -  Workforce Development
20230213 - NDA Comments EPA PVC Petition
20230201 - NDA Comments on Full Committee Hearing - The State of Transportation Infrastructure and Supply Chain Challenges
20221213 - NDA Comments on DOL Independent Contractor NPRM
20221209 - NDA Comments on NLRB Joint Employer Rule
20220922 - NDA Letter to Congress on FY23 Appropriations
20220829 - NDA Comments OSHA ANPRM on BLL Medical Removal
20220727 - NDA & CISC Statement to Congress on H.R. 2193
20220727 - NDA Letter to Congress on H.R. 2193
20220714 - NDA Letter to Congress on Tax Increases
20220630 - CWS Coalition Comments on OSHA Recordkeeping Rule
20220630 - NDA Comments on OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting NPRM
20220608 - NDA Comment to Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee Hearing on “The Small Business Workforce Challenge: Causes, Impacts and Solutions"
20220517 - Construction Industry Safety Coalition Comments to NPRM on Powered Industrial Trucks Design Standard Update
20220517 - DOL Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Comments
20220429 - NDA Supply Chain Coalition Letter to Department of Transportation
20220427 - NDA Extension Request of DBRA Comment Period
20220419 - NDA Letter to Congress on FY22 Budget Reconciliation
20220307 - NDA Letter to Congress on FY22 Appropriations
20220126 - NDA Joins Colaition Letter on OSHA’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Heat Injury and Illness Prevention
20220120 - NDA Comments to OSHA on COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard; 86 Fed. Reg. 61402
20220119 - NDA Joins Coalition Letter on COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing: Emergency Temporary Standard Docket No. OSHA-2021-0007
20220112 - NDA Joins Colation Letter to OSHA on Extension Request for the Comment Period on RIN: 1218-AD39, Heat Injury and Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Work Settings
20211201 - NDA Build Back Better Act Letter to the Senate
20210928 - NDA CISC Comments, Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 – Vaccines/Testing
20210827 - NDA Letter to Congress on Tax Increases
20210827 - NDA Letter to House on Infrastructure 
20210823 - NDA CISC Comments on Occupational Exposure to COVID-19; Emergency Temporary Standard
20210715 - Letter to Congress on Tax Increases for Infrastructure
20210616 - NDA Comments to the House Financial Services Committee Hearing on Flexible Federal Funding: Examining the Community Development Block Grant Program
20210609 - NDA Letter to House Committee on Education and Labor
20210519 - OSHA Hazard Communication Standard; Proposed Rule
20210416 - NDA Letter to the Hill on American Jobs Plan and Infrastructure
20210302 - NDA CISC Letter to USDOL Concerns with Issuance of Emergency Temporary Standard
20210223 - NDA COVID Relief Letter to Chairman Sanders
20210223 - NDA COVID Relief Letter to Leader Schumer
20210223 - NDA COVID Relief Letter to Senator Manchin
20210223 - NDA COVID Relief Letter to Senator Sinema
20210209 - NDA 2021 COVID Relief Letter to the Hill Updated
20210127 - NDA CISC Letter to USDOL Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
20201209 - NDA Letter to House Leadership re PPP Deductibility
20201201 - CISC MORE Act Concerns
20201109 - NDA USDOT Comments on Young Driver Program
20201030 - NDA Letter to DOL Wage and Hour Independent Contractor Status under the Fair Labor Standards Act
20200820 - COVID Phase 4 Letter to the White House
20200731 - NDA Joins Coalition Letter in Support of Liability Relief Provisions Contained in S. 4317, the “SAFE TO WORK Act.”
20200717 - NDA Letter to Congress Phase IV Relief
20200527 - Coalition Letter on Liability Relief Legislation In Response to the Pandemic to Letters
20200508 - NDA Letter to Congress Phase 4 Relief
20200501 - NDA Joins Industry Coalition Letter on Infrastructure Legislation
20200417 - CISC Letter OSHA Clarification Regarding COVID-19 Reporting and Guidance on Social Distancing and Face Coverings
20200414 - NDA Joins Coalition Letter in Support of Testing Resources
20200409 - NDA Submits Letter to Congress Regarding Loan Funding
20200330 - NDA Submits Letter to National Governors Association Regarding COVID-19 Essential Workforce
20200323 - NDA Submits Letter to Department of Homeland Security Regarding COVID-19
20200320 - NDA Submits Letter to Congress Regarding COVID-19
20200320 - NDA Submits Letter to Trump Administration Regarding COVID-19
20200320 - NDA Submits Letter to State Governors Regarding COVID-19
20200206 - NDA Releases 2020 National Policy Agenda
20191121 - NDA Submits Letter to Congress Regarding Tax Extenders
20191121 - NDA Submits Letter to UTSR on Tariffs
20191107 - NDA Comments to OSHA on Beryllium Proposed Rule
20191015 - Comments on Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica
20190923 - NDA Submits Letter to House Appropriations Committee Regarding Community Development Block Grant
20190923 - NDA Submits Letter to Senate Appropriations Committee Regarding Community Development Block Grant
20190923 - NDA Submits Letter to House Financial Services Committee Regarding Community Development Block Grant
20190923 - NDA Submits Letter to Senate Banking Committee Regarding Community Development Block Grant
20190826 - Comments on Apprenticeship Programs, Docket Number: ETA-2019-0005
20190819 - Comments on Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), Docket Number: OSHA 2016-001
20190808 - H.R. 3668, "Asuncion Valdivia Heat Illness and Fatality Prevention Act of 2019."
20190730 - Comments on Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DARS) Prompt Payments of Small Business Contractors 
20190612 - Comments on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
20190611 - Comments on OSHA Forklift RFI
20190508 - H.R. 1603, “Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2019.” 

Press Releases

20240212 - NDA Celebrates 50th Anniversary at the Annual Convention & Expo in San Antonio
20240201 - NDA Releases 2024 National Policy Agenda
20240118 - OSHA, National Demolition Association renew alliance to protect safety, health of demolition industry workers
20231208 - NDA Partner Affinity HR Group Evolves into The Workplace Advisors
20231204 - National Demolition Association Announces First Class of Certified Demolition Supervisors
20230928 - Considerations for Demolition of Power Plants Press Release
20230822 - NDA Certification Press Release
20230309 - National Demolition Association (NDA) Elects New President
20230208 - National Demolition Association Hosts Annual Convention & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona
20230203 - NDA Releases 2023 National Policy Agenda
20220217 - NDA Releases 2022 National Policy Agenda
20211115 - NDA Press Release on Enactment of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into Law
20210719 - The National Demolition Association Forms Alliance with OSHA to Promote Safety on Demolition Jobsite
20210304 - National Demolition Association (NDA) Elects New President
20210224 - NDA Releases 2021 National Policy Agenda
20210201 - National Demolition Association Cancels 2021 Convention & Expo Due to COVID-19 Safety Concerns
20201112 - National Demolition Association Reimagines the Annual Convention to Keep Attendees Safe
20200903 - National Demolition Association Partners With OSHA to Uphold Best Practices on Demolition Jobsites
20200526 - National Demolition Association Convention & Expo Named to TSNN Top 250 Trade Show List
20200330 - New DHS/CISA Guidance for State/Localities Includes Constructiont
20200325 - National Demolition Association Convention & Expo Named One of the 2019 Fastest-Growing Trade Shows
20191029 - The National Demolition Association Hosts the First Ohio Valley Regional Council Meeting
20191007 - The National Demolition Association Launches New Website to Improve the Member Experience
20190806 - U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville Commits to Collaborate with NDA
20190522 - NDA's Statement on Federal Housing Administration's Incentives for Low-Income Community Investment
20190417 - The National Demolition Association Shows Commitment to Safety During Safe + Sound Week
20181018 - National Demolition Association Joins Construction Coalition for a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace

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