NDA Legislative Affairs

NDA is the leading voice of the demolition industry and works to educate and advocate to elected officials on the legislative issues that could impact demolition industry practices and standards. Below, members will find the latest legislation is tracking in Congress, NDA’s policy positions on key issues, comment letters, and resources for members to advocate in their local community. A copy of NDA’s annual National Policy Agenda can be found here.

Legislative Tracking

NDA routinely monitors key legislation in Congress that could affect demolition contractors and their employees. Below you will find a link to the list of bills NDA is currently tracking on Capitol Hill.


NDA 118th Congress Legislative Tracking

Key Legislative Issues

  1. Workforce Development

NDA urges Congress to prioritize policies that encourage a robust and skilled labor force. Labor shortages have a detrimental impact on the demolition industry and the U.S. economy as a whole. NDA supports policies to address the shortage of qualified candidates for high-skilled jobs and other efforts to increase the pool of qualified candidates for technical jobs on demolition sites.

  1. Infrastructure

The nation’s economic recovery should include needed funding for our nation’s infrastructure. As such, the federal government should enact legislation that provides immediate appropriations to critical infrastructure programs. Infrastructure investment is also critical in ensuring the nation has a strong and resilient economic supply chain.

  1. Workplace Safety and Health

NDA is committed to the safety and protection of workers at all times and takes that responsibility seriously. NDA member companies have an excellent record of providing a safe environment and work with government officials regularly to mitigate hazards. Laws and regulations relating to demolition safety are necessary but should remain practical and not impose undue burdens on industry practitioners.

  1. Tax Policy

A fair and workable tax code is essential to the success of American business. Federal tax policy needs to grow and sustain the competitiveness of America’s businesses. NDA supports a simplified tax code that does not place an unnecessary burden on job-creating member companies.

  1. Labor and Human Resources

NDA member companies firmly believe that employees and employers are the best parties to determine issues ranging from wages and working conditions, through either individual or collective bargaining, within the boundaries of the law. Over time, government policies have steadily increased the administrative costs on employers and new regulations must consider this reality when proposing additional burdens.

  1. Environmental Stewardship

NDA is committed to practices that protect our environment and NDA member companies have a reputable track record of commendable environmental stewardship. In recent years, federal agencies have enacted costly and burdensome regulations with little consideration for the impact they would have on American businesses and their workers. NDA remains committed to working with the federal government to ensure environmental regulations are effective and considered with the demolition industry and employees in mind.

Comment Letters to Congress

All of NDA’s comment letters to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives can be found on the Press Releases and Comments section of the NDA Website.

Grassroots Action – How to Engage Your Lawmakers

NDA members do not have to live in Washington, D.C. to interact with their lawmakers and advocate for the demolition industry’s legislative priorities. Grassroots advocacy by NDA members can be crucial to ensuring that the industry’s priorities are reflected in legislation passed by Congress. Below you will find a complete list of resources that will help you engage and interact with your U.S. Senators and Representative.

Ways to Engage Your Congressional Lawmakers:

  1. Company Tour: Invite your Members of Congress to tour your business. Show them what your operation entails, how your company operates and what your employees do on a daily basis. Tours are a great way for lawmakers to meet you and your employees, hear about your company’s success and see first-hand how their votes impact your business.  
  2. District Office Meeting: Meet with your Members of Congress and their staff at district office so that you can discuss the legislative priorities with them face to face.
  3. Town Hall: Attend a town hall or other local event hosted by a Member of Congress. These meetings may not be heavily attended and is another way for you to speak with your elected officials.   
  4. Virtual Meeting: Schedule a virtual meeting with your Members of Congress.  

Identify Your Members of Congress:

Tips and Best Practices for Engaging Your Members of Congress

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to schedule meetings with your lawmakers and tips for having a successful meeting: