Member Logo Policy

The establishment of a uniform brand image amongst our members is a top priority.

Having a broad recognition of the National Demolition Association (NDA) is directly tied to our long term success. It is critical that our brand be ingrained in the mind of those in both the public and private sectors, ranging from congressional leaders, federal agencies, prospective members, consumers and distributors, related industry partners, and many more.

With this goal in mind we have created the above member logo to be used by our members. The NDA identity must always be applied in a consistent manner and care must be taken to avoid misuse. As a result, we have created the following guidelines to ensure consistency and uniformity.

NDA Member Logo Policy:

  1. The NDA Member Logo (as shown above) may be used by any Member in good standing of the National Demolition Association (NDA).

  2. A Member in good standing may use or reproduce the NDA Member Logo on such Member’s advertising, web-sites, business cards, letterhead, brochures and other promotional materials in any medium, solely to denote the company’s membership in the Association. A Member may not use the NDA Member Logo as an expression of the Association's views, or its endorsement or approval of a particular topic or matter.

  3. In this regard, a Member may not use the NDA Member Logo on company work products, position papers or correspondences, without the written consent of NDA.

  4. The NDA Member Logo must be used or reproduced in its entirety. No fragments or portions of the NDA Member Logo may be used or reproduced.

  5. The NDA Logo must be used as provided unless you receive written permission from NDA stating otherwise.

  6. Use of the NDA Member Logo on any World Wide Web page must function as a link to the NDA Web site, It is the responsibility of the member user of the logo to maintain the link as an active link at all times or remove the logo from the Web page.

  7. The NDA shall provide the NDA Member Logo to any Member in good standing upon request or by visting the members only section of the website for download.

  8. Any other use of the NDA Member Logo is prohibited, except to the extent expressly permitted by the Board of Directors. Unauthorized use of the NDA Member Logo may subject the user to legal action by the Association to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  9. NDA reserves the right to change these guidelines solely at its own discretion and will provide 60 days electronic notice of these changes. Sixty (60) days following such notice, changes must be incorporated to any NDA Logo Usage.

  10. NDA reserves the right to immediately terminate permission to use its logos to anyone at any time. NDA may visit participating sites to check on compliance to these guidelines.

For a digital version of the logo or questions, please contact

Approved by the Board of Directors: January 5, 2019