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DEMOLITION magazine is the official quarterly publication of the National Demolition Association. It provides information on projects by NDA members, occupational safety and health, environmental protection, insurance, management techniques, regulatory development and what’s going on in the association. NDA members receive a copy of every issue in the mail. If you are not an NDA member, you can purchase a subscription here. 


Features include:

  • Gone in 35 Seconds – Lindamood and CDI partner for an implosion of three high-rise towers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, showcasing meticulous planning and innovative safety measures in one of the state's largest demolition projects.
  • Plant Based Demolition – Trifecta Services Company proves its mettle processing decommissioned power facilities.
  • From Coal to Clean – Bierlein Companies Inc. performs asbestos abatement and conventional demolition techniques to prepare for the engineered explosive felling of the James DeYoung Generating Station in Holland, Michigan.
  • Rapid Precision – The Wellington Avenue bridge in Cranston, Rhode Island, is demolished and replaced due to its poor condition.

Regular columns include:

  • Legal Issues: Taking On-the-Job Training to the Next Level
  • Better Business: The Power of Leadership Coaching


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